Practical information

When?  (Voor een uitgebreid programma in het Nederlands klik hier)
The quest will be facilitated by Geert Graveland in cooperation with Frans Scheerder or Annika Zilliacus. Four quests are  planned for 2019 and maybe a third one in the summer.

  • Trail in Spain 10th till 14th of April 2019
  • Vision Quest in Schotland 3th-11th of May 2019
  • Vision Quest 2th-11th of Juin 2019 in Sweden (facilitators: Geert and Annika)
  • Vision Quest 2th till 10th of November 2019 in Portugal (facilitators: Geert and Frans)
  • Trail in Spain 13th-17th of November 2019

Prior to each quest and Trail , a day on friday or in a weekend in Dreumel will be organised for intense and effective preparation. After the vision quest there will be an integration day together with the group.

€1800,- excl. 21% VAT and excl. travel expenses on individual basis, and from company payment €2200,- incl. 21 % VAT and excl. travel expenses.  For the trail the costs will be € 2500,-.

Program structure for the vision quest

(There will be a full introduction day beforehand with the group in Dreumel).

Day 1: Traveling and arrival at basecamp. Getting to know each other, sharing and visiting an historical place of culture of the area we stay.
Day 2: Quest preparation on all levels, practical, physical, emotional personal, professional and spiritual. Visiting your place of quest in nature.
Day 3 : early in the morning ceremony and starting solo
Day 3-7: solo
Day 7: in the morning return to basecamp, ceremony, food, rest and integration
Day 8: integration and traveling home

We will prepare you in the first two days of your quest and we will connect with the area. We also visit your place of quest. During your solo you will be spending your time on your own without mobile phone, computer, books etc. and food. You will get enough water and you will spend your time fasting. You will get a tarp to stay dry, and you bring a back pack with some clothing, sleeping bag, paper to write. We will tell more in detail later.

We will prepare you in a good way and we will take care that you can always find us and that we can find you. There will also be a spot appointed to leave a message in case of a need for communication.

Before the quest there will be a meeting on a saturday or sunday in Dreumel to meet the people of the group you will join. You will form a dedicated assignment and some more preparation and practice. You will also do a medicine walk ( a walk in nature in silence, solitude and simplicity to reflect on four questions) in the week after and before your quest. From sunset to sunrise or the other way around as you wish.

Call or mail Geert ( / +31-6 15052126)

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